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Corporate Design

  • Russian Childrens Welfare Society
    Russian Childrens Welfare Society
  • NY Financial Writers Association
    NY Financial Writers Association
  • Unilever / BestFoods.
    Unilever owns many well known brands that include Lipton, Ragú, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Ponds & more. I designed the intranet site for their Digital Futures Lab, and flash animations for their marketing proposals. I also designed the html based GUI front end for their Knowledge Bank document management system.

    Unilever - Digital Futures Lab

    Unilever DFL Unilever DFL Unilever DFL

    Unilever - Knowledge Bank

    Unilever GACE Unilever GACE Unilever GACE

  • White Amber
    White Amber For 2 years I was Senior Designer at Being an internet start-up, I designed everything including:

    Slide Show
    White Amber Pop-up Slide Presentation

  • New York State Unified Court SystemThemis - Lady Justice
    I am currently lead web designer/programmer for the New York State Unified Court System. I am responsible for a total redesign of the public website covering courts for NYC and the entire state of NY. The goal was to create a new user-friendly design implementing user based portals. This meant creating a specific portal for each of the individual user groups (Courts, Litigants, Attorneys, Jurors, Judges, Careers, etc). For the content providers I created style guidelines and useabililty/accessibility guidelines.

    New York State Unified Court System (live site)

    UCS Home Page UCS Home Page

    UCS Home Page UCS Home Page